David Shepard Individual and Couples Therapy

12301 Wilshire Boulevard #210
West Los Angeles, CA 90025


Sometimes, we can't solve our problems by ourselves, no matter how hard we try

I have over 20 years of experience helping individuals and couples face life's challenges in a supportive, safe, and compassionate environment. Sometimes we get stuck, "overthink," persistently get down on ourselves, can't break the pattern of tension in our relationship, or just need someone to talk through a problem with. Many of us have been carrying a sense that "life should be easier" since childhood. My job is to help you let go of that burden so you can experience the daily richness of life with more ease and contentment. For couples, my goal is to help increase your sense of closeness and connection, while providing tools for healthier communication.

Men and women are different

My special expertise is in "gender-sensitive" therapy. That means I appreciate that men and women have different ways of feeling their emotions and figuring things out. I also value the unique strengths of both sexes. Whether in individual or couples therapy, I am committed to making both men and women feel equally comfortable, appreciated, and understood when they work with me.

Therapy is a conversation - not simply being listened to

If you work with me, you will find I am interactive and give a lot of feedback; I'm a "real person" rather than emotionally detached. Therapy may be at times serious, at times perhaps painful. We may explore your past or figure out pragmatic solutions to present-day problems. But therapy can also be a place for laughter or for just taking a time out from the struggles of life. It is important to have a place where you can say whatever is on your mind, knowing there will be no judgment, no one will get tired of hearing your complaints, and no risk that you will be shamed or abandoned, no matter what you say about yourself. If you are a couple, my goal is that when therapy is done, your relationship is that place.

I encourage you to browse through the rest of this site to learn more about what I treat, my approach, and my background. For professionals, please see my Workshop tab for information on upcoming presentations.